Sunday, July 4, 2010

TCAC - Day 2

Well here we are, in the middle of Blampied (also known as whoop whoop) on the second day of Territorial Creative Arts Camp (TCAC).

Just under 100 delegates are gathered here for the camp and around 20 leaders will be keeping a watchful eye over all of us for the duration of the week.

Everyone arrived here around four yesterday and following registration and a quick welcome, we were treated to a beautiful lasagne that would rival the fine work of Denise Waterworth. We then participated in worship which was led by Phil Laeger and heard from Nathan Casey – the youth pastor at Inglefarm Corps in South Australia – who spoke about ‘thirsting’ for God.

As for the Big Band, we’re about to embark on a week’s worth of rehearsal, which will add up to approximately 20 hours before this Friday’s concert. It’ll be interesting to see how all the wind players hold up, but we’re all professionals here and we don’t get paid the big bucks for no reason!

TCAC also has a strong reputation for the development of new relationships and already the fishing lines are out as fishermen – and women for that matter – try to land that all important catch. We won’t name names because, as the old saying goes, what happens on camp stays on camp.

A major concern for many people here is the lack of mobile and internet reception. I can hear all you over 30’s crying out “now they know how we felt all those years ago”. I am certain though that we’ll all still come back in one piece.

So if you’re trying to contact loved ones and aren’t receiving a response, please be aware that we are in some serious country territory and don’t have much range.

That’s it for now though – be good!


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